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Financial Systems IMPORTANT message for
UC San Diego employees:

Please use the UC Learning versions of these tutorials if you want to receive credit on your training transcript. The no-credit links are for testing and demonstration purposes only, and will not be tracked in any way.

Questions? Contact Staff Education and Development or 858-534-4890 (X44890)
Campus Asset Management System (Equipment Management)
    CAMS AccessX
    Disposals X
    Interdepartmental Transfers:
        Initiating an Interdepartmental TransferX
        Receiving an Interdepartmental TransferX
    Surplus Transfer Requests X
    Fast Track to CAMS X X
Cash Deposit System X X
Cash Handling X X
Control Tracker X X
Cost Center Management (CCM) Demos
    Project Creation   X
    Chart of Accounts (COA) Override Creation   X
    Mass Add   X
    Mass Update   X
Disbursements Policy and Procedures X X
Effective Cash Handling X X
Electronic Non-Payroll Expense Transfers (ENPET) X X
Electronic Payroll Expense Transfers (EPET) X X
Express Card
    Cardholder Orientation X X
    Department Administrator X X
    Transaction Reviewer X X
Internal Controls X X
Financiallink: Transaction Sampling X X
FinancialLink 101    
    101A: Intro to Financial Systems    
    101B: Elements of IFIS   X
    101C: Basic Reports    
    101D: Expanded Budget Summary and Projects    
    Business Unit Management Tool X X
    Approvers X X
    Departmental Buyer X X
    Index Informed Shopper X X
    Window Shopper X X
Meetings and Hosted Events X X
MyTime Entry
    Bi-Weekly Paid Employees   X
    Bi-Weekly Non-Exempt Employees   X
    Exempt Classifications   X
    Months When No Leave was Taken   X
Online Transfer of Funds X X
Payment Authorization X X
PPS Inquiry X X
PPS Update: Employing Students X X
Travel at UC San Diego X X
TES Online Pay System (TOPS)    
    Employee   X
    Supervisor   X
    Invoices   X
Computer Security
Computer Security Basics (UC San Diego) X X
Department Security Administrator (DSA) Training   X
Information Security Awareness (UCOP)   X
Export Control
Biological Agents (Flash version) X X
Biological Agents (html version) X X
Export Control (Flash version) X X
Export Control (html version) X X
Academic Integrity
Academic Integrity X X
Housing, Dining and Hospitality Services
Conference Services Student Orientation X X
Dining Services Student Orientation X X
Limited Appointment Employee Orientation XX
Management and Supervision
Culturally Competent Management Program X X
Performance Management
    Standards of Performance X X
    Observation and Feedback X  
    Performance Appraisal X  
    Performance Development X  
Succession Planning X X
Educational Benefits System   X
Introduction to Stem Cell Ethics X X